CityKidz is a spiritual voice that promotes school , family, and individual well-being.

That includes:

Physical • Intellectual • Spiritual • Emotional 


Early intervention is key to a healthy life

We know early intervention is key for a healthy kid, teen and their family. CityKidz collaborates with our partners to promote community support for kids and families in need. We C.A.R.E.* and desire to build a safe place where our neighbors can come to hear, be heard, and get some positive input about life choices.


We C.A.R.E.

Connecting others to opportunities in our neighborhood.

Activating awareness for one another.

Realizing we need others for support.

Embracing resources given to us.


Providing families with:

  • School Supplies

  • Groceries (appointment only)

  • Life coaching for youth and families

  • For more information please call (805) 585-7041